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 Vacuum Ball Valves, Manual, 316L SS

The Mack HQ series ball valves are designed for ultra-clean applications such as semiconductor and others requiring high conductance with uninterrupted flow, the elimination virtual leaks from trapped air. The stem, body, ball and end connections are precision engineered and CNC machined from low carbon, corrosion resistance 316L stainless steel. The ball design features a "floating ball" for low torque and increased cycle life.

Three Piece Valve Design
Our double Viton® quad ring stem seal and a redundant body seal eliminate shaft leakage and pressure fluctuations. These highly precise CNC machined made valves are ideal for high cycle applications.

The three-piece body design offers many advantages, including installation flexibility, and ease of servicing. These time-saving features are beneficial for process application to reduce downtime.smooth and leak free operation while prolonging the time between maintenance.


The ball is CNC machined from 316L (low carbon) stainless steel designed with vent holes to allow for trapped air between the ball and cavity to be pumped preventing virtual leakage. The ball is polished to a smooth mirror finish for leak tight sealing. Our are fully ported ball valves offer uninterrupted flow with high conductance.


The valve seats are CNC machined from virgin Teflon® as compared to Injection molding seats. This ensures bi-directional leak tight sealing, a reduction of outgassing combined with low operational torque.

Stem Seal Package
The valve is opened and closed at (¼ turn) by the valve stem. Our valve stem is sealed with a patented and revolutionary design using two VitonR Quad Rings and four bronze bearings to reduce torque and prevent galling from tilting side to side. This design guaranteed smooth and leak free operation while prolonging the time between service requirements.


The corrosive resistant, fast actuating design of Mack’s vacuum ball valves makes them ideal for isolating reactors, traps, and scrubbers on many vacuum process aplications.


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Ball Valve, Manual, KF (QF) 16, 316L SST 

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Ball Valve, Manual, KF (QF) 40, 316L SST 

Ball Valve, Manual, KF (QF) 50, 316L SST

Ball Valve, Manual, ISO63, 316L SST


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Ball valve


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